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Maria Montserrat Vintró i Feliu
Economic and Financial Director

Degree in Economics and Business Studies, specializing in General Economy, from Universitat de Barcelona (UB). She completed her education with a postgraduate course in Economy and Management of Autonomous-Region and Local Taxation Authorities at UB, and another in Stock Market Analysis Techniques at EADA, as well as other additional financial training.

She has extensive experience in the economic sphere, particularly in the Catalan autonomous government, where she has worked for more than 30 years, with responsibilities over finances and budgets of different departments: Department of Labor, Department of Governance/Interior, Department of the President’s Office, Department of Economy and Finance, Department of Enterprise and Employment, Department of Justice, Department of Enterprise and Labor.

In 2020, she joined the Catalan Health Service as Economic Director (2020-2021), where she worked for almost two years. In late 2021, she returned as coordinator of Integrated Programs of the Department of Enterprise and Labor of the Catalan government, from where she joined our hospital as Economic and Financial Director.

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