Consell Directiu del Cos Facultatiu

Executive Council of the Medical Faculty

This is the representative body of all of the doctors that form part of the Hospital. The Executive Council of the Medical Faculty is comprised of seven members: a chairperson, a secretary and five board members.

The board members are specifically chosen from the areas of Healthcare, Teaching, Research, Credentials and Professional Rights. The Executive Council is elected by the Assembly of the Medical Faculty.


Functions of the Executive Council

The Executive Council has the following missions:

  • Implementing the agreements of the General Assembly of the Medical Faculty or the Board of Delegates.
  • Acting with the highest representative powers of the Medical Faculty in cases of emergency and, subsequently, reporting such actions to the Assembly.
  • Representing the Medical Faculty when dealing with the Management, the healthcare authorities and the community that it serves.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Regulations of the Medical Faculty and overseeing the smooth operation of its commissions, receiving reports from them and passing rulings on these reports.
  • Providing a channel for all of the information, requests and legitimate complaints of its members.
  • Meeting every month with the Medical Management.
  • Drafting mandatory reports on the proposals for the creation, dissolution, or modification of services, units, sections and programmes, etc.
  • Ensuring quality in Healthcare, Teaching and Research through representatives on the various commissions.
  • Ensuring the proper professional conduct of the members of the Medical Faculty in accordance with the applicable Code of Conduct of the Council of the Catalan Doctors’ Association.
  • Participating in the notification of information reports to the members of the faculty.
  • Evaluating the actions of the Management and, if necessary, reporting to the Board of Governors in this respect.
  • Ensuring the rights and fulfilment of obligations of the members of the Hospital's faculty.
  • When an issue is particularly complex, the Executive Council of the Medical Faculty may create an advisory commission to assess it.


Current members of the Council

  • Chairperson:  Dra. Cristina Gómez (Digestive Pathology)
  • Secretary:  Dr. Diego Castillo (Pulmology)
  • Board Member for Teaching: Dra.  Carme Medina (Gynaecology and Obstetrics)
  • Board Member for Credentials: Dr. Hector Corominas (Rheumatology)
  • Board Member for Research: Dr. Joan Carles Souto (Haematology) 
  • Board Member for Healthcare Quality: Dra. Marta Ferrándiz (Anesthesiology)
  • Board Member for Professional Rights: Dr. Manuel Fernández  (Plastic Surgery)