Cos Facultatiu - Missió i objectius
Medical Faculty
Mission statement
The mission of the Medical Faculty is to ensure that the Hospital achieves and maintains the highest level of healthcare quality and clinical results, with teaching and research in alignment to fulfil this purpose.

The Medical Faculty embraces its commitment to work with the Hospital Management and the Board of Governors to ensure the smooth running of the Institution. The aim is for the Hospital’s executive (management) and representative (Executive Council of the Medical Faculty) channels to be consistent and in harmony, complying with current legislation and avoiding duplications.

The Medical Faculty uses medical professionalism as the framework of reference. This must represent a commitment to a code of conduct, both in terms of the individual contract between doctor and patient, but also a social contract. In other words, the commitment to learning and the quest for excellence in terms of attitudes and aptitudes must reap benefits not only for the individual patient but also for society as a whole.

General objectives

  • Taking part in the planning and development of the centre within the spheres or healthcare, teaching and research.
  • Contributing towards the smooth operation in terms of the representation of the collective voting to appoint representatives of the Medical Faculty on the commissions and working groups created by the Hospital.
  • Evaluating the reform proposals for the regulations of the Medical Faculty as required, before approval by the Board of Governors.
  • Complying and ensuring compliance with the current regulations of the Medical Faculty.

Healthcare objectives

Ensuring that the Hospital maintains the highest level of healthcare quality and clinical results in accordance with the agreed objectives in line with Catalonia's healthcare planning.

Teaching objectives

Contributing towards the training of:

  • Students of medicine and similar sciences.
  • Specialists in accordance with the applicable regulations of Specialized Healthcare Training.
  • Postgraduates studying medicine and similar sciences up to the highest academic level.
  • Lifelong learning through in-house and external programmes at a hospital, national and international level.

Research objectives

Generating knowledge that is applicable to clinical practice.