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Memòria 2021
Report of 2022
1. Bachelor's Degree Training
Students of the medical degree of the Sant Pau teaching Unit of the UAB 323
Students of the nursing degree at the University School of Nursing Sant Pau 263
Students of other degrees in health sciences of the UAB | Other universities 283 / 63
Students of middle and Superior degree 197
Short stays of foreign medical degree students 



2. Residents: Specialized Health Training
Own residents 334
Residents of teaching units of which we are an associated institution 72
Rotations of residents of other hospitals or state institutions 


Training stays of foreign residents and specialitst 

closure of ministry circuit



3. Drive capacity 2022

  • 3r center with greater drive capacity in Catalonia, with more than half of the total of 89 places offered between the different degrees awarded within the initial 25% of the entire State, and 21% within the first 10%.
  • 41% within the 1st quartile of the specialties and 45% in the 2n quartile


4. Outsourcing of knowledge: SantPau Docent

Courses and conferences 


Short stays of external professionals 55 specialists / 19 nurses



5. Post-grade training

Postgraduate Degree Students
11 own masters UAB - Sant Pau 76
1 specialization course and 7 own masters of the University School of Nursing Sant Pau 17/167
3 own masters of the Clinical School of Neuropsychology and pathology of language 13
4 own courses of the Family Therapy School and 1 joint master's degree with the Ramon Llull University 70 / 29
Collaboration in 3 official master's degrees of the UAB 41
Collaboration in master's degrees of 5 other universities 45




Investment in training
Investment of the Training Plan 372.707 €



Valoració de les accions formatives



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