Gestió clínica i mètode

Clinical management and method
The Clinical Management and Methodology Department is responsible for promoting, developing and monitoring the methodology of nursing practice, developing clinical management support tools and establishing monitoring systems for the assessment of nursing treatments.

There are three separate areas:


The main function of the Quality Department is to evaluate the quality of nursing treatments, defining the required indicators, and then monitoring and analysing them and presenting the results.

Throughout the year, an average of 60 indicators are measured with two cross-sectional prevalence studies, both through the assessment of nursing records and direct observation.

Clinical Management

In the Clinical Management Department, the objective is to standardize the processes, set out in protocols, procedures, treatment plans and clinical pathways, and to oversee their update, implementation and evaluation.

Information systems

The key role of the Information Systems Department is its involvement in the definition of the most suitable information systems required for effective management of the Nursing Department, as well as regularly updating the software that provides support for nursing treatments and clinical pathways.