The Cardiac Surgery Service of the Hospital de Sant Pau was one of the first in the country and holds the honour of having performed the first successful heart transplant in Spain in 1984. It ranks among the top hospital centres that conduct this procedure. Using the most advanced surgical techniques, the Service’s function is to treat a diverse range of cardiopathies, achieving excellent results in practice that are comparable to the best pioneering centres in the field in Europe and the United States.
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Secretaria: Bloc A, planta 4, mòdul 1

Consultes Externes: Bloc A, planta 3, mòdul 5

Sales d’Hospitalització: B3 i C2.



Servei de Cirurgia Cardíaca

Correu electrònic:

Telèfon: 93 556 59 54

Fax: 93 556 56 03