Research initiatives in the Emergency Department

Research initiatives in the Emergency Department


Main lines of research:

  • Clinical Organization and Management (Mireia Puig, Josep Ris, Míriam Mateo)
  • Patient safety and emergency department quality. (Maite Álvarez)
  • Teaching (Josep Anton Montiel, J. Leopoldo Higa)
  • Echography (R Lazzari)
  • Organ Donation and Coordination (Francisco Caballero)
  • Frailty and elderly (Marta Blázquez)


  • Infection (Albert Mauri, Maite Álvarez)
  • Travel disease (Eva Gil)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (Montse Seres)
  • Sepsis (Anotni Moliné, Aina Piera)
  • Respiratory System Disorders and Acute Respiratory Failure (Antoni Moliné)
  • Thromboembolic disease (Laura Lozano)
  • Cardiovascular System (Miquel Santaló)
  • Acute coronary syndrome (Roberto Lazzari)
  • Ultrasensitive markers in acute coronary syndrome (Aitor Alquézar)
  • Cardiovascular Risk (Paola Ponte)
  • Cardiac failure (Sergio Herrera, Aitor Alquézar)
  • Arrhythmias (Olga Trejo, Héctor Hernández)
  • Diabetes care (Iván Agra)
  • Toxicology (J. Leopoldo Higa, Héctor Hernández)
  • Psychiatry (Paola Ponte, Marta Castellà)

Scientific challenges:

  • Emergency and Urgent Care Management, new organizational models
  • Aging population, frailty and emergency care
  • Medication-related health problems
  • Heart failure, new therapeutic scenarios, prevention and home-care Infection, diagnosis and control
  • Urgent processes from a gender perspective
  • Urgent processes with age perspective

PhD Readed:

  • "Analysis of the natural history of heart failure in a cohort of patients presenting to a hospital emergency department for a first episode of acute heart failure." Dr. García Sarasola, Ana (Defense 2021)
  • "Degree of control of cardiovascular risk factors one year after suffering an acute vascular accident, in patients treated at a tertiary hospital." Dr. Ponte Márquez, Paola Helena (Defense 2019)
  • "Delirium in patients treated for decompensated heart failure in the emergency department: Clinical characteristics and evolution." Dr. Rizzi, Miguel Alberto (Defense 2016)
  • "Effect of administration of docosahexaenoic acid on metabolic alterations and distribution of body fat in patients with HIV-1 infection undergoing antiretroviral treatment." Dr. Fernández Castaño, Irene (Defense 2016)
  • "High-sensitivity troponin T for early exclusion of acute myocardial infarction without elevation of the ST segment." Dr. Alquezar Arbé, Aitor (Defense 2014)

PhD in progress:

  • Marta Blázquez-Andión. Emergency Care in the Elderly Patient. Start date of PhD: 2019. Expected defense date: May 24, 2024. UAB. Directors: Mireia Puig-Campmany; JA Montiel-Dacosta. Tutor: J Casademont
  • Marta Castellà-Rovira. Analysis of medical professional responsibility in emergency care in Catalonia between 2000 and 2019. Start date of PhD: 2022. Expected defense date: October 2024. UAB Directors: Mireia Puig-Campmany; Carles Martín-Fumadó; Josep Arimany. Tutor: Antoni Bulbena
  • Laia López-Vinardell. Evaluation of the clinical and economic impact of implementing a secondary prevention program for health problems related to medications integrated as routine clinical practice within the pharmaceutical care program of the emergency service. Start date of PhD: 2022. Expected defense date: January 2025. UAB: Directors: Ana Juanes-Borrego; Mireia Puig-Campmany; Jesús Ruíz-Ramos. Tutor: J Casademont
  • Purísima Concepción Marín de la Bárcena. Health problems related to medications causing emergency department visits from a gender perspective. Start date of PhD: March 2023. Expected defense date: March 2025. UAB: Directors: Ana Juanes-Borrego; Mireia Puig-Campmany. Tutor: Rosa Antonijoan.
  • Carlos Jose Romero Carrete- Impact on the prognosis of decompensations following the onset of acute heart failure: an approach from the NOVICA cohort. Start date of PhD: 2023. Expected defense date: 2026. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Directors: Aitor Alquézar Arbé. Òscar Miró Andreu. Tutor: Dabit Arzamendi.
  • Gil Olivas, Eva. Study on the incidence of malaria and the risk factors associated with socio-economic changes in a meso-endemic malaria area in Angola, Cubal, 2014-2016; 2018-2024. Start date of PhD: 2022. Expected defense date: 2026. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Director: Molina Romero, Israel. Tutor: Falco Ferrer, Vicenç.

Research projects

Multicenter Research Projects:

  • TIQUE (multicenter, international project, PI Mireia Puig, Maria Antònia Mangues, Xavier Viñolas).
  • Screening for HCV in Emergency Services (multicenter, PI Josep Maria Guardiola).
  • HIP ATTACK 2 (multicenter, international project, PI Jordi Martin).
  • Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) (multicenter, PI Jordi Martin).
  • EDEN (elderly in emergencies, multicenter, SEMES, PI Miguel Rizzi).
  • SIESTA (infections in emergencies, multicenter, SEMES, PI Josep Maria Guardiola).
  • EAFHE 8 (heart failure, multicenter, SEMES, PI Aitor Alquézar).
  • EMERG-Sync (syncope in emergencies, multicenter, SEMES; PI Héctor Hernández).
  • Clinical Safety (multicenter, COMB Praxis Area, PI Mireia Puig).
  • Health Problems related to Medication and gender perspective (multicenter, started with the AES Project 2018-19. INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III AES 2018 PI18/00889. PI Ana Juanes Pharmacy).
  • Geriatric Care in Emergencies (multicenter, PI Mireia Puig, Josep Ris).
  • Urinary infection and multiresistance (multicenter, PI Ferran Navarro Microbiology).
  • Genetic Characterization of Long QT Syndrome Associated with Drugs (multicenter, AES Project 2021-22 PI17/00980, PI Jose Guerra Cardiology)

Single center

  • Patients with lung neoplasms in emergencies( single center, HSP, IP Marina Sizova).

Awards Received

  • Finalists for "Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare category of the 2023 International Awards of the International Hospital Federation, IHF World Hospital Congress"
  • Best in Class 2023 Award for Best Emergency Department in Patient Care
  • Finalists for Best in Class Awards 2022 for the best Emergency Department in patient care
  • Finalists for Best in Class Awards 2021 for the best Emergency Department in patient care
  • Best in Class Awards 2020 for the best Emergency Department in patient care
  • Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA) by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).
  • Best in Class 2019 Humanization Project Award for the Universal Health Plan for adults with Down Syndrome.
  • Finalists for Best in Class Awards 2019 for the best Emergency Department in patient care
  • Collaborative network for urgent care for patients with high needs. Award + Future 2019. Catalan Hospital Union.
  • First Quirón Salud 2018 Award for the best Patient Experience initiative. New Emergency Department area for frail elderly patients created within a Geriatric Care Program of the Service: Evaluation of patient experience. IP Mireia Puig
  • Accreditation for methodological quality and positive impact generated in the organization of the continuous improvement methodology promoted by the Urgent Care Process (2017, Innovation Observatory in Health Management, Agency for Quality and Health Evaluation of Catalonia – AquAS, of the Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia)
  • Mutuam Conviure 2017 Award for the best research project: Comprehensive Geriatric Care in a Hospital Emergency Department. Impact on patient health and flow management after implementation in Emergency and Short Stay Unit
  • Finalists for "Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare category of the 2017 International Awards of the International Hospital Federation, 41st IHF World Hospital Congress"
  • Catalan Hospital Union Award for Innovation in Management 2017 for the Service of Attention to Fragility



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