HPV's anal proctology and pathology

Functional Units
Functional Units
HPV's anal proctology and pathology


HPV's anal proctology and pathology is a very prevalent pathology and can greatly alter the patient's quality of life. That is why in our hospitals:  Sant Pau and Dos de Maig, after the commonwealth of the same, a group of specialists have been proposed to create this unit to facilitate the diagnostic and treatment circuits of the proctological patient.
This multidisciplinary group works so that the diagnosis is as accurate as possible and the treatment is also optimal and with the most advanced technology. And of all this we can get the knowledge to continue improving in the care, research and training task. 


Dra. Anna Sánchez López

Functional Unit Team:

General and digestive Surgery: Dr Lucía Catot, Dra. Ana Sánchez, Dr.Berta Gonzalo, Dr. Sergi López and Dr. Pilar Hernández.
Nursing: Neus Peiró, Dolors Sánchez and Jessica Muñoz.
Digestive pathology: Dr.Esther Garcia Planella.
Infeccious pathology: Dr Maria del Mar Gutiérrez, Dr M. Gracia Mateo.
Dermatology: Dr Eva Vilarrassa, Dr. Caridad E.Morales.
Gynecology and Obstetrics: Dr Cristina Vanrell, Dr. Nerea Luqui, Dr.Taissia Melnychuk.
Diagnostic Imaging: Dr.  Juan Carlos Pernas.
Pathological Anatomy: Dr Victòria Fuste, Dra. Justyna Szafranska.


Portfolio of services

Anal fistual:
•    Placement of comfort Drain in clinics.
•    Drainage with setons.
•    Permacol.
•    Radiofrequency.
•    Flat lay and direct reconstruction of the sphincter.
•    Final flat lay.

Rectovaginal fistula:
•    Martius Technique.
•    Plastic with biological mesh.

•    Hemorrhoidal bandaging.
•    Hemorrhoidectomy Milligan Morgan or Ferguson.
•    Eco-guided arterial ligature: Rare Hal technique.
•    Interventional radiology embolization (selected case).

Anal fissure
•    Conventional topical treatment: Nitroglycerin or Diltiazem.
•    Inoculation of botox.
•    Curettage fissurary bed.
•    Sphintheroplasty.

•    Electrocautery
•    Topical treatment with Imiquimod with trichloracetic acid.

Perianal Hidradenitis
•    Joint assessment with the hidradenitis unit: Dermatology/Plastic.

Perianal skin Pathology
•    Joint assessment with Dermatology.
•    Exegesis of benign lesions with local anesthesia or sedation.