Unitat Funcional Esclerosi Lateral Amiotrofica (ELA)

Functional Units
Functional Units
Functional Unit for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

The care and treatment process of patients with Motor Neurone Disease aims to facilitate fast and high-quality access for patients with ALS. The process incorporates a sequence of actions aimed at prompt care and diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is established, the patient will require a series of activities to identify problems related to the condition, and which require specific actions by different professionals. The identification of different problems may require decision making and specific procedures as part of the patient care sequence. 


Objectives of the Unit:

  • Optimise the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients with ALS, through a patient-focused process, thus guaranteeing continuity in care.
  • Improve the quality of life and survival of patients.
  • Facilitate movements, organising the consultation simultaneously with different specialists.
  • Facilitate the participation of professionals involved, simplify communication between the different team specialists, and allow for quick decision making.


Coordinator of the Unit

Dr. Ricardo Rojas García, Neuromuscular Pathology Unit, Neurology.


Work team

Ricardo Rojas (Neurologist, Neuromuscular Pathology Unit, Neurology Service).

Jesús Pradas (Neurologist, Neuromuscular Pathology Unit, Neurology Service).

Antonio Antón (Pneumologist, Pneumology Service).

Helena Bascuñana (Rehabilitation therapist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service).

Rosa Güell (Pneumologist, Pneumology Service).

Carme Puy (Pneumologist, Pneumology Service).

Carmen Ruber  (Rehabilitation therapist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service).

Mercè Casanovas (Speech therapist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service).

Concepción Escola (Neurology nurse, Neurology Service).

Fátima Morante (Pneumology nurse, Pneumology Service).

Macarena Segura (Pneumology Physiotherapist, Pneumology Service).

Sandra López Suárez  (Pneumology home nurse, Pneumology Service).

Rafael Calvo (Pneumology home nurse, Pneumology Service).

Pilar Ulldemolins (Dietitian-Nutritionist).

Carmen Caballero (Social worker).