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The Unit of Digital Health of Sant Pau was born in 2022 with the aim of supporting and facilitating digital innovation and digital transformation in the Hospital and the health environment.

Through a multidisciplinary team, the unit wants to enhance the innovative use of digital health in the hospital environment thanks to the generation of a collaborative ecosystem between healthcare professionals, technological developers, other healthcare providers, research and innovation centers, training and teaching, universities, patient networks and caregivers, among other relevant actors.


To facilitate and promote the digital and innovative transformation of health services at the Hospital and the health environment, with the aim of:

  • Facilitating the welfare work of health personnel.
  • Improving the quality, accessibility and sustainability of services to citizens.


Becoming the reference unit for the promotion of digital health in the hospital environment and the clinical validation of digital healthcare solutions in the following areas:

  • Internally, within the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Professionals and Citizenship)
  • In the external sphere, in the national and international digital health ecosystem (health administrations, providers, research centers, companies, universities, etc).


The values that give meaning to the Unit of Digital Health of Sant Pau are...

  • Passion and motivation
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Orientation to user citizenship and professionals
  • Quality and rigor
  • Trust in multidisciplinary teamwork
  • Capacities and competitiveness in the sector
  • Social responsibility


Lines of work

The Functional Unit of Digital Health coordinates different lines of action to facilitate and enhance digital health at our Hospital and the health environment.

Support and monitoring of projects, initiatives and digital health proposals

This line of work is framed within the Citizenship, Innovation and User Area and includes activities to support clinical leaders in the different phases of the life cycle of their innovative digital health projects in the hospital environment. In this sense, innovative digital health projects are understood as those that involve digital health technologies, such as mobile, web, wearable, videoconferencing, other medical devices for telemonitoring, augmented reality, robotics, chatbot, Big Data and data exploitation, artificial intelligence, hospital information systems, data storage, among others.

The goal of the Unit is to facilitate the identification of initiatives, monitoring and support for the projects in the different phases until their successful implementation, or to overcome exceptional obstacles that the projects may find.

Clinical Validation Center for Digital Solutions

In order to facilitate the validation of digital solutions in healthcare, we’ve created the Clinical validation Center for digital solutions, which includes activities directly related to clinical validation in users and real environments of digital solutions and new welfare processes. The Center allows piloting the impact of health technologies by obtaining evidence of their safety and viability of the technology on care routes, and facilitating the transfer of the technology in the care environment. The services offered from the UDH can include from detection of user needs, proof of concept or design of routes in digital key, to feasibility, safety and clinical effectiveness analyses.

Services can be offered internally for Hospital solutions promoted by professionals of the Hospital, and externally for publicly owned companies or institutions that purchase the services offered by the UDH through their hiring. In this sense, it has been created the Center for Clinical Validations of Digital Solutions  thanks to the agreement between the Hospital of Sant Pau and the Barcelona Health Hub, and the support of the Private Foundation of the Hospital of the Holy Cross and Sant Pau.



The Unit of Digital Health has a multidisciplinary team of professionals to carry out its activity including computer experts, epidemiology and statistics, innovation and bioengineering technicians, among others.

Dr Mar Gomis-Pastor - Management

Expert in the coordination and implementation of digital health projects in healthcare. Specialist in clinical pharmacy and International Doctor in Medicine. She combines healthcare tasks in the field of solid organ transplantation, with the Management of the Unit of Digital Health Unit and the Digital Solutions Validation Center of the Hospital de Sant Pau

Jesus Berdún – Coordination of operations

Expert in Digital health. Telecommunication engineer with more than 10 years of experience in consulting and projects on digital transformation in the healthcare and social field.

Gerardo Ontiveros – Coordinator of Information Systems

Technical and functional expert in health digital environments. Systems analyst and expert in interoperability. Management of innovation projects in the field of hospital information systems.

Laura Muñoz - Head of Statistics and epidemiology

Expert in evaluation in healthcare. Graduated in Statistics with more than 20 years of experience in methodological support and in the analysis of data in clinical and epidemiological research.

Beatriz Fernàndez-Montells - Support projects

Expert in data analysis, health processes and patient management. Biomedical Engineer focused on the support of patients and professionals in digital health projects.

Collaboration of clinical personnel of the Pharmacy Service:

Anna de Dios – Head of Mobile Health Project

Expert in managing mobile health projects. Specialist in Clinical Pharmacy with healthcare experience in the Cardiology Area and in the coordination of multidisciplinary eHealth projects.

Rebeca Pelegrín - Head of mobile health projects

Expert in people management and multidisciplinary projects. Specialist in Clinical Pharmacy with healthcare experience in the area of cardiology and currently focused on mobile health.

Apart from the UDH team, in order to carry out the lines of work, the Unit of Digital Health will also have:

  • A Subcommittee of Clinical and Technological Research Ethics (CEICT, for its name in Catalan), attached to and under the responsibility of the Committee on Drug Research Ethics (CEIm, for its name in Catalan) at the Hospital de Sant Pau and under the management of the new president Dr. Robert Belvís. This subcommittee, a national referent, is made up of expert members specialized in innovation and digital solutions, with the main function of evaluating and at the same time providing quality to the studies that are carried out.
  • An international network of validating hospitals, which will participate in clinical studies of piloting the technology in a coordinated way by the Unit of Digital Health Unit of Sant Pau. This network will allow technology to be tested in different clinical, cultural or social contexts, while allowing a sufficient sample of patients to carry out the validation study.
  • An international advisory scientific committee for the design of the validation study of each technology evaluated. The Committee will be made up of a group of professionals from different fields (health, ethical-legal, innovation transfer, information systems, epidemiology, and others) to which will be added, in each case, professionals experts in the pathology specialized in the clinical area of validation. Among its members: Dr Rosa Antonijuan, Clinical Pharmacology Service and CIM Sant Pau; Dr. Illuminada Corripio, Sant Pau Research Institute; Dr. Josep Estadella, Gynecology and Obstetrics of Sant Pau; Dr. Albert Floats, Nuclear Medicine  and Assistant to the Research Management of Sant Pau; Mar Gomis, manager of the Digital Health Unit and the Clinical Validation Center for Digital Solutions, Míriam Ors, Sant Pau Research Institute; Gerardo Ontiveiros, Coordinator of Information Systems of Sant Pau and Óscar Garcia-Esquirol, Barcelona Health Hub. 


The Hospital de Sant Pau, through its clinical leaders, is promoting different innovative projects of digital health, some of them in which the Unit of Digital Health is participating are:

Name:  Impacto asistencial de la incorporación de la Salud Móvil mHealth en la práctica clínica del paciente trasplantado cardiaco.
Abbreviation: mHeart
IP: Mar Gomis-Pastor
Service: Pharmacy

Name: Uso de la mHealth para promover el ejercicio físico tras un ingreso por insuficiencia cardíaca: un ensayo clínico aleatorizado.
Abbreviation: mREHAB
IP: Sònia Mirabet
Service: Cardiology

Name: Impacto asistencial de la salud móvil en el manejo integral del paciente con hipercolesterolemia y tratamiento con IPCSK9.
Abbreviation: eOCUMAB
IP: Laia Matas
Service: Internal Medicine

Name: Evaluación del impacto asistencial de la telemedicina mediante la salud móvil en el manejo integral del paciente con VIH en tratamiento antirretroviral.
Abbreviation: VIHrtual CARE
IP: Montserrat Masip
Service: Pharmacy

Name: Aplicación de la salud digital para la prevención del ictus y la promoción de salud cardiovascular en pacientes con enfermedad aterosclerótica carotídea.
Abbreviation: ePREVASC
IP: Pol Camps
Service: Neurology

Name: Evaluación del impacto asistencial de la telemedicina mediante salud móvil en el manejo integral del paciente afecto de migraña.
Abbreviation: eMig
IP: Robert Belvís
Service: Neurology

Name: Prevención secundaria de problemas de salud relacionados con la medicación mediante el empoderamiento del paciente a través de la Salud Digital.
Abbreviation: Codi medicament 2.0
IP: Ana Juanes
Service: Pharmacy and Emergencies

Name: Impacto de una Fracture Liason Service de ámbito territorial tras una fractura de fémur.
Abbreviation:  SomÓS
IP: Jordi Martín
Service: Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Emergency Service

Name: Evaluación del impacto asistencial de la telemedicina mediante salud móvil en el seguimiento y manejo integral de la salud de la mujer afecta de endometriosis.
Abbreviation: WHAT-END (Women’s eHealth And Telemedicine for Endometriosis)
IP: Josep Estadella
Service: Gynecology and Obstetrics

Name: Desarrollo, implementación y evaluación de la estrategia de salud digital RheumAssist en la práctica clínica de personas con espondiloartritis.
Abbreviation: RheumAssist
IP: Ana Laiz
Service: Rheumatology

Name: Impacto asistencial de la salud móvil en el manejo integral del paciente receptor de un trasplante de médula ósea: implementación, pilotaje y ensayo clínico aleatorizado.
Abbreviation: eMedula
IP: Mar Gomis / Irene García-Cadenas
Service: Pharmacy, Hematology

Name: Viabilidad, satisfacción y aceptación de una plataforma de telemedicina en Mieloma Múltiple: estudio piloto eMieloma.
Abbreviation: eMieloma
IP: Jordi López
Service: Hematology

Name: Detección, seguimiento y tratamiento psicosocial escalonado on-line en pacientes con cáncer: un ensayo controlado aleatorizado.
Abbreviation: ONCOMMUN
IP Centre: Anna de Dios i Eva Juan. Estudi multicéntric. Centre de referència ICO Hospitalet
Service: Pharmacy, Oncology

Name: Integración de la farmacogenética y la telemedicina mediante salud móvil para el manejo de los efectos adversos en pacientes con cáncer colorrectal.
Abbreviation: ePGx study
IP: David Paez
Service: Oncology

Name: Assessment of the Individual Risk of Thrombosis in Oncology Patients
IP: Jose Manuel Soria
Research Group: Unit for the Genomics of Complex Diseases, Research Institute of Sant Pau